What To Expect With The Bail Bond Process

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Many people know that bail bonds are available for a variety of crimes. What you may not know is how the process works if you need one. If you or a loved one has an issue where an arrest occurs and a bail bondsman is needed, then you should be aware of a few of the main steps involved in the process. By having knowledge of what to expect, you can make the process easier for you or your loved one. 

Fee Schedule

When you or your loved one is arrested and charged, their charge will be compared to a fee schedule. This fee schedule lets the police officers or jail officials determine what the total bail amount is. This amount is based on the crime you or your loved one is arrested for. When you call the bondsman, they will use the same fee schedule. You will pay 10% of the full bail amount to the bail bondsman in order to be released from jail until your court date. 


Once you have contacted the bail bondsman, you will need to let them know which jail you or your loved one are in and the charges given at the time of the arrest. The bail bondsman will look up the arrest and inform you of how much the fee schedule states is required and how much your 10% of that fee is. You will need to have the proper payment method and amount ready when the bail bondsman arrives at the jail. The payment method is generally a debit or credit card. Some bail bondsmen will accept cash, but you will need to ask them during the call to confirm. 

Release and Court

The key point to remember when you use a bail bondsman deals with your release agreement. You will be released once the payment is made to the bondsman and the paperwork is cleared. You will have to show up to your court hearing and follow any rules and regulations set forth by the bondsman. You will also have to follow the traditional regulations set forth by the law in your city and state. If you break any laws between release and your court hearing, you face revoking your bail bond and being placed back in jail. 

These are just a few of the main steps involved in the process of obtaining a bail bond. If you are in need of a bail bondsman, and one is allowed for the arrest, you may contact one through the jail. They will allow you to contact someone, which can be the bondsman or your family member who is handling the bondsman. Go onto a local bail bonds agent's website to read more