Letting Your Spouse Handle Tax Filing? 4 Reasons To Get Involved

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When it comes to income taxes, many couples filing jointly end up with only one partner actively involved with tax preparation. If you're the partner who's traditionally taken a backseat when it comes to learning about your income taxes, you have good reasons to take a more active approach. What are some of these reasons? Here are four things to consider. 

1. You Are Responsible for Taxes

When you sign a tax return — either a joint return or as a single taxpayer — you are responsible for everything contained in those forms and the taxes due. Even if you didn't have any hand in completing the forms, you can find yourself in legal hot water over errors, omissions, understated income, or overstated expenses. If you are held liable for what's in the return, then, you should know what you're signing. 

2. You Learn About Your Finances

When you work with a tax preparer on annual taxes, you see compiled information that can be useful throughout the year. For instance, many people are surprised at the amount of income their family earned — either high or low — and may find new motivation for change. If certain expenses were high, you can work on reducing these next year. And you can see the financial benefits of things like retirement contributions. 

3. You Can Ask Questions

Tax preparers are finance pros, and they can help in ways beyond just filling out IRS forms. For many people, their tax preparer is one of the few sources of professional financial guidance they have ready access to. So, why not take advantage of this resource by coming armed with your financial questions? You may discuss things like retirement account options, home mortgages, gifting money, or starting a business. 

4. You Can Build a Relationship

As you work with a tax preparation service, you get to know them and they get to know you. This professional relationship could prove useful if you have things you want to discuss on your own. For instance, if you ever find yourself pursuing a divorce or have concerns about your spouse's handling of family finances, you'll need this resource. 

Even though few people enjoy dealing with their income taxes, you benefit from making the effort. Even if you feel like you don't understand financial matters, a good tax preparation service will help empower you and prove themselves a good ally in your future financial management. Learn more by meeting with tax pro today. 

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